10 Vastu Tips for Business Growth

10 Vastu tips for business growth to enhance positive energy that works for leading a prosperous and harmonious outcome, ensuring success for your business. It includes various aspects to drag positive energies to drive away from negative ones, which have been discussed in this blog.

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History Of Vastu Shastra
Vastu Tips For Business Office
Vastu Shastra For Business Owners
Vastu Tips For Business Owners
Perfect Vastu Advice For Business
Interesting Facts About Vastu Shastra To Attract Customers
Kitchen tips in the office
Important Vastu Tips For Business

History Of Vastu Shastra

The synchronization of Vastu shastra is a technique to enhance health, wealth by balancing the energy of directions.

The Vastu Shastra symbolizes a body of ancient concepts. They generate knowledge for many modern architects but are not a mandatory code to be followed by all. For example, the square grid mandala is considered to be a model of an organization but it is not viewed as a ground plan. During ancient times, Vastu Shastra texts describe functional relations and some adaptable alternative layouts for several rooms or other areas and buildings. Moreover, this doesn’t signify that every room or building has to be square in shape.

Vastu shastra topic is wandering around core elements of central space, direction

concerning sunlight, peripheral zones, and the expected functions of the spaces.

When making a home, every individual primarily focuses on Vastu for rooms and other parts and pays very little attention to the garden area. But this in no way means that garden Vastu is a dead-end. Some intelligent people understand (or want to

understand) its importance and wish to implement Vastu shastra in their gardens

as well.

Make sure you do not put any obstacle near the entrance door as this may obstruct your business and job. Lack of Vastu compliance and imbalanced energy around the zones that impact business revenue may be the root cause of it.

Vastu For Business Office

Except for roses and a few medicinal ones, all thorny plants give rise to tensions in the environment. Plants excluding white sap should also be kept off. Lime and Karanda etc. are okay in an orchard but not in residence or business premises. Table, chair measurement is important in a business and means a lot, in fact, manners too. A business logo can be designed as per vastu shastra.

Vastu Shastra For Business Owners

Apart from what you think, Vastu Shastra isn’t a hard and fast thing to follow, especially when you’re just a beginner. So, here are some tips that will get you started. According to business vastu we need to take care of the chair, table and all furniture measurement. Systematically according to Vastu architecture that suits natural law. Some things should not be in front of the house, otherwise, there may be loss in business.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Growth of Business Owners

  • Paintings of mountains should be hung behind the office table or business chair. This will bring more confidence and support to you which will further increase fortune in your business.
  • Putting mirrors in the business office will be a benefit in business.
  • As per Vedic Vastu if you sit facing north that gives more profits in business.
  • West in the area of gains. Remove green plants from this zone to increase profits in business.
  • According To Vastu, Washrooms Should Be Built On The West Or North-western Side.

Vastu at the office maintains the economic growth, tackles staff, helps make the environment serene and positive, and clears the obstacles coming in the business. Increasing the cash flow in business is possible with the help of vastu keeping in mind the vastu principles related to the directions associated with the type of your work and working space. Pave the way for getting ahead in business. Turn to vastu tips or vastu expert and a life coach for tremendous results.

  • Grow With Green

Green is the luckiest color according to vastu for business growth. If there is a loss in business, keep the east or north direction open empty and light, do not allow any heavy objects or showpieces to be placed there. Vastu consultant will help you to achieve desired success in business or the workplace. Vastu shastra is an ancient form of science that enhances the positive powers of business and increases opportunities for you. 

  • Clutter In the West May Hamper Gains Of Your Hard Work

Please remove any clutter present in the west direction. The clutter in the west direction may hamper your gains and ruin your hard-working efforts for business and career.

Try having a banana or coconut plant within the business shop cause they improve mental health and well-being. Don’t let any plant grow above three feet, though, unless they’re in the right spot according to Vastu Shastra. If you have a pathway in the business shop, then plant jasmines on either side because they’re considered very auspicious. And lastly, keep the business shop clean, and you will find tranquillity there all the time. Check on how you can make your front business shop look beautiful.

  • Good Vastu Can Greatly Improve The Flow Of Energy In Your Office. Let’s see how! 
  • Ensures financial stability
  • Brings wealth and good luck 
  • Leads to progress and success in jobs and business
  • Creates positive atmosphere
  • The east wall is most advisable for painting
  • The horses painting should look like entering the business office, not existing

Perfect Vastu Advice For Business

  1. Avoid planting thorny plants (such as cactus); they bring tensions and weaken relationships.
  2. Avoid bonsai plants (they depict stunted growth).
  3. No Ber and Bamboo plants within office
  4. Dead leaves, dead plants, etc. are a strict no.
  5. Avoid artworks depicting negative emotions such as war, crying girls,
  6. loneliness, etc.
  7. No creepers inside the building
  8. The compound wall shouldn’t be the support of creepers.
  9. No flower pots on the office wall.
  10. The plants in the pots mustn’t be more than 3-4 feet tall.
  11. Milk-bearing trees or plants are strict ‘NO’.

Interesting Facts About Vastu Shastra To Attract Customers

According to the logic and facts of Vastu Shastra, people believe that people are like energy, and when they enter your office through the main door, energy comes along with them. Sometimes that is positive and sometimes negative. If you start observing the central area door tips, you will find that good energy, prosperity is something that comes into your office. Here are some tips related to the main door Vastu for those people who are looking for some ideal Vastu tips for the office entrance.

According to Vastu Shastra, the north, northeast, east, or west, are considered as the most auspicious entrance that is responsible for bringing prosperity. If you have to the main entrance facing south, you can rectify the Vastu of the place by placing a pyramid or helix there.

There’s a simple trick by a vastu expert- if you are putting a lot of effort but not getting any results in vastu for business from home, then check 60 degrees to 70 degrees east of your office.

According to vastu experts, the relation of salt is associated with the happiness and prosperity of the whole house and office.

According to vastu shastra, to maintain the flow of money in the house normally, take a glass vase, fill it with water and add salt and then place it in the southwest corner of the house. Whether positive or negative, the space that attracts the most energy in the house is the kitchen. Enhance the energy in your kitchen at the business office if only you have a wider space with vastu shastra tips.

Kitchen tips in the office

  • The stove should face the southeast direction of the house, making an ideal corner for the kitchen and placement of the stove.
  • The sink and stove should not be placed beside each other, since water and fire are opposite elements and they repel each other.
  • Sink and taps to be placed in north-east direction
  • The entrance of kitchen to be east/ west/ north direction
  • Windows help ward off negativity and must face east direction

Important Vastu Shastra Tips For Business

  • If you have an entrance at 50degree – 60degree east, measure facing the main door, It can cause accidents and loss.
  • According to vastu shastra, torn notes, old photos, or papers in bad condition should not be kept in a purse/ wallet. It reduces the flow of money. The cleaner is the wallet, and the better things are kept in the wallet, the better it is.
  • People who have positive mercury in their birth chart should select north-facing houses while buying or taking on rent. Positive mercury amplifies opportunities and increases money flow in north-facing houses.
  • Vastu concerning a healthy environment is like an injection in each direction of one’s life that recreates one entire being and prevents all diseases mishaps and opens the gates of knowledge if revered in one’s routine. It can bring an abundance of will, for one’s soul. Vastu is given great importance in terms of wealth gains, credibility in the business, and employee-employer relationship. Many businessmen take vastu consultation for auspicious dates and special tips for constructing their premises.

Keep your East direction safe

Any electrical things in your east direction can hamper your social relations. In the future, this may cause issues with the boss if in the job or with clients if in business thus alter work and growth. The only direction suitable for such things is in the east.


Vastu has been relevant as guiding rules for architecture since older days. It is equally effective and relevant today. Few have made it link with superstitions. To make full use of this divine science of Vastushastra follow Vaastu Devayah Namah. Take advise from their best Vastu Experts and see your business grow.