Tips To Increase Your Google Page Rank

Are you interested in the best methods to boost your Google page ranking? If so then this article will provide you some tips for free for achieving this. I hope that you will appreciate the article. SEO Company in Lucknow

Many webmasters are seeking ways to boost traffic to their websites and how to achieve a higher ranking for their website’s page. I have a number of websites that I am constantly seeking ways to encourage.


Pay per Click is when you sign a contract to pay a set amount when people click on an advertisement that you’ve created. Such programs as Adwords that are part of search engines Google permit you to place your advertisement on the right side of their results. The order you’re put in will depend on the amount you are willing to pay per click. It’s similar to an auction. Be sure to not spend more money on advertisements than you will earn in revenue. It is possible for this to be very successful especially if your site is relatively new and not at the top of the natural results for search engines.

Paid text ads

Paid text ads are a different method to draw more traffic to your site and it can also be a means of growing the Google Page rank. If the advertisement is placed situated on a highly ranked page and is a good example, it may in its own way lead to a rise in the rank of your page. If it is one with a lot of traffic some of the traffic could be redirected to your site. I personally would never look into the cost of a text ad on a website that is related to mine and had the rank of 5 or 6.

Writing articles

I think that the most effective method of promoting your site is to write articles that are similar to those you’re reading. The readers of these articles could be potential users of your site since you have the ability to include a link your site in the article. Other webmasters can utilize the articles on their sites which give the possibility of a one-way backward link. Google is more likely to improve your rank on pages if they have lots of backward links, particularly one-way links.

Link exchange program

As I’ve already stated it is essential to build up the amount of backward-bound links to your website. Signing up to a link exchange service can significantly ease your burden as well as people have informed me that linkmetro works excellent.