4 Ganesha Paintings and the Unknown Relevance of Common Symbols

Indian virtues have long been recognized throughout the world. Lord Buddha and Ganesha are the most prominent deities with millions of ardent followers. While Buddha is home brings tranquility, Ganesha paintings remove all the possible obstacles. Not just Lord Ganesha is worshipped for economic benefits, his unique bodily physique lures people significantly. Also, the combination of an elephant head and half-human figure make him the most loved god of the kids. Unlike Hindus, Ganesha paintings are a common sight in Jainism and Buddhism. Every Hindu must have gone through several Ganesha paintings throughout their life. However, the story behind the symbolic bodily figure is still unknown to many. Check out what the physique of lord Ganesha in Ganesha paintings represents:

Elephant Head

Before we delve into what his elephant head represents, read out an interesting story. Lord Ganesha was not into human form until Goddess Parvati needed someone for her privacy. She did not want anyone to disturb her while bathing. It was then Lord Ganesha safeguarded her mother. Unknowingly, Lord Shiva, in rage and anger, beheaded Lord Ganesha. Seeing her child in this condition, Goddess Parvati demanded her son back. Also, because of Lord Shiva’s order, the head of an elephant was adjoined instantly. However, is there any significant relevance behind this?

Lord Ganesha’s elephant head has a link with strength and ferocity. The animal is being called the king of the jungle. Besides having numerous powers, he is generous, kind and loving. Also, Elephant is a one-man army. Lord Ganesha has similar qualities. Ganesha paintings in the home represent positivity and help in removing hindrances. At times, Ganesha can be your biggest helper unless you have connections with evil. Not only does the large elephant head symbolize wisdom, but shows the capability to retain the request from all devotees.

One Trunk

Lord Ganesha’s trunk represents- pointedness. Also, it acts as a symbol of discrimination. It is through this trunk Lord Ganesha carries on varied tasks. From lifting large wood logs to drinking water. This quality is necessary for achieving spiritual progress in life. Also, you must have seen Ganesha paintings with both left and right trunks. As per Vastu, both have different significance.

Unlike right, Ganesha paintings with the left trunk are more prominent. The left trunk represents the feminine side of personality. It simply means calmness, patience and love. Moreover, the right trunk embodies the masculine side. Ganesha paintings with the left trunk do not require any special attention. However, as per some experts, the ferocious side of Ganesha needs special care. It needs to be worshipped constantly with strict rules.


You must not have seen Ganesha paintings with only two hands. Two hands in Ganesha paintings are considered obnoxious. Figures with four, eight, or even ten hands are prominent. His upper hands represent the power to move forward at the right path. However, the lower hands usually symbolize the beauty of sacrifice for a worthy cause.


In the whole story of Lord Ganesha, the mouse is the most astonishing creature. People often have a question in their mind related to its appearance and capability to lift such a heavy creature. However, the mouse was the most loved fellow of Lord Ganesha. The usage of such a small animal represents the wideness of the mind. Also, it showcases how we should not underestimate anyone, regardless of appearance.

These four symbols represent the compulsory integration of man with nature. These describe the strength of humans relationship with animals.

  Ganesha paintings on Wallmantra

Shiva with Ganesha landscape painting

 This Canvas print looks highly glossy when mounted. It beautifully describes the love between a father and a son. The physical figurine of Lord Ganesha sitting in Lord Shiva’s lap looks divine. Also, it is ideal for the living room, meditation room, or gifting.

Size: 61×41 

Type: Wooden Canvas

Beautiful Auspicious Ganesha Canvas Wall painting

This alluring Ganesha canvas print submerged in multi hues creates an unparalleled vibe. The selection of colours is supreme and contrasts beautifully with neutral wall backgrounds. Ganesha, in the liberating phase, while enjoying his favourite musical instrument, suspends peace and calmness. This canvas print adorns your wall marvelously without much effort.

Size: 53×24

Type: Wooden Canvas (With or Without Frame)

Creative Ganesha 6 PCS Canvas Wall Art

Have you ever thought of something interesting in a usual spiritual painting? This beautiful wall art is the perfect combination of spirituality and grace. The fragmentation of six pieces to make a divine figure reflects uniqueness. It showcases one’s personality and gives life to your interiors.

Size: 35×46  

Type: Wooden Canvas

Divine Shri Ganesha Canvas Painting

Are you looking to escape reality, and are you someone who finds solace in things? This dazzling piece of art creates an unmatchable aura with a dark background. The combination of black and yellow hues grants an ultimate sophistication. Also, by covering the walls gracefully, it refills energy.

Size: 48×24

Type: Wooden Canvas (With or without frame)