What Is A Machine Shop?

A machine shop is also known as a back shop. It houses machines that are used to produce or fabricate items or parts from raw materials. These machines are used to cut and shape metal into desired forms. The invention of machine shops allowed for increased production of tools and parts that could be mass-produced. Machine shops were an integral part and driving force of the industrial revolution. Machine Shop In Fremont

Machine shops began in the late 1800s and early 1900s. John Stevens and his relatives were pioneering technologies that would lead many great achievements, including locomotives, steamboats and naval construction.

Eli Whitney was another pioneer in machining. He was also an early advocate of standardization, interchangeable parts, and was another pioneer in the field of machining. Eli Whitney was the first manufacturer to successfully standardize parts. He created parts that were interchangeable, the idea being that parts could fit in many different things and be used for many different purposes.

Whitney’s case involved firearms. The story goes that Whitney went to Washington D.C. carrying ten pieces of various firearms. Each piece was placed in a different pile. The Secretary of War was shown how he constructed a musket from pieces of each pile. Needless to mention, the Secretary was amazed.

Standardization was another important aspect of the industrial revolution. Interchangeable parts were one thing. The other reason machine tooling flourished is standardization. This allowed machine shops around the globe to make identical parts to exacting standards. These parts could then be used for a variety of products.

These machines, also known as machine tools, could be used even by unskilled labor. You don’t have to know how to build a gun or how to use the machine. Not everyone had to be an engineer. All you needed to do was be able pull a lever and operate a machine. It’s not that operating machinery can be easy. Machine shop workers are often highly-trained and certain machining tasks require a specific skill set.

Machine shops quickly adapted to the changing times and could make any part that was needed. The machine tools proved to be versatile and capable of performing almost any operation. The machines can be modified to make specific parts or have different cutting edges.

Large equipment, such as automobiles, planes, and other manufacturing equipment, is often made in a machine shop. If they are in need of repairs, they can be returned to the machine shop. Many companies have a shop that can perform custom fabrication. Many universities and research institutions also have machine shops that allow students to learn about how to repair or fabricate parts, as well as create parts for custom applications.

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