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Scoring is enjoyable, especially when it’s simple.

In golf it’s a gimme in basketball, it’s a layup, but in mobile marketing, it’s SMS. However, marketers are generally doubtful about the effectiveness of text messages due to the fact that generally they’re mishandled. However, a well-thought out SMS strategy can generate impressive profits Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia. How important? In the instance of Country Life, SMS campaigns produced a 96% rate of conversion, and an increase of 91% in the number of email subscriptions.

How Country Life Influences Customer Value Using SMS Marketing

Imagine this: with email, users can enter their email address to get any current promotion you have running, and then neatly keep your promotional emails in a file they’ll never open or unsubscribe from your email list.

When someone signs up to allow your brand to send text messages to them, they’d like to hear from them. Therefore, let’s look at the most fundamental facts you need to know regarding SMS marketing.

The SMS marketing truth bomb #1 is that if your clients appreciate you, they’ll would love to hear from them outside of their inboxes.

Email is a very crowded area. Your inbox could be overflowing when you are reading this. In general, customers will more often not receive your emails than because they receive a lot of messages from a variety of brands.

In the context of messages, emails can seem a bit formal.

If you’re planning to have dinner with your friends or with your partner will you contact them via email? Nope. It’s over. You’ve met them You’ll send them a message.

The same is true for companies too. SMS marketing is best when you’re engaging with existing, loyal customers. Customers who are new may feel being bombarded with messages or perhaps too quickly.

If customers choose to sign-up to get texts from your company they want to establish an association with your business. They’d like acquainted with you.

They’ve provided you with their phone number. Now is the time to make connections.

The SMS marketing truth bomb 2 The text message from a brand are a great way to provide a unique experience as well as a valuable exchange.

Incorporating SMS into your overall plan of mobile-based marketing is a fantastic option to offer your customers an experience that is more seamless.

Consider their invitation to text as a royal invitation from a kind queen and utilize it with care. This means offering additional value. Offer them special sales or promotions as well as exclusive content only for VIPs. Or an opportunity to receive reminders in case they have put items away in their shopping cart.

No matter what you do, don’t bombard your VIPs with emails. These are the people who will be most likely to create the long-term value of your business You want them to be your brand’s word-of mouth supporters.

Consider how you would like the customers you serve to be when they receive an email from your brand that makes them feel happy, thrilled and ready to interact or buy something? Or annoyed, since you’ve sent them 20 items which are also arriving in their inboxes and appearing in Instagram advertisements?

It’s all in the math.

Text Marketing: The Truth Bomb #3 Conversions generated by SMS are influenced by the consideration you give your customer.

The marketing you send via SMS should be useful and not invasive.

There are three important aspects to consider when you are establishing an SMS program:

  1. Attention to the timing: Back in the days of the corded phone (if you’re not sure of what it is, search for it) There was nothing more irritating than a telemarketer calling at dinner time. Make sure you treat your customers with respect or those who are VIPs may stop receiving your messages and switch to rivals. Don’t be a nuisance to text on a Saturday morning after dinner time, or very late.
  2. Keep it simple: Don’t send your customers a massive tome of text. Keep it brief and straight to the main point. If the message you’re trying convey cannot be conveyed in less than 160 characters It’s not the best message for SMS.
  3. Beware of being a spammer: Be cool. The fact that a client gave you their phone number doesn’t mean you need to message them often. While it’s tempting to bombard them with every promotional piece you have, take a look at your own thoughts and consider whether the message you’re sending is required to be sent.

Text Marketing: Truth Bomb 4 Combine your SMS marketing efforts in your email strategy to get the optimal results

When I inquired Courtney Syrop, one of our mobile marketing experts what would be the impact of SMS on email, her response was a clear no.

In the end, she recommended companies begin looking Click Here at ways to effortlessly integrate SMS and email to give mobile marketing a huge punch. Since, although SMS converts extremely well when used correctly but there are limitations.

It’s not necessary to send the new glossy catalog of the latest product launch or an educational piece that is more valuable than the text.

A combination of SMS and SMS can create an integrated conversation that includes both editorial or long-form content and short special offers or promotions which can help increase conversions.

A solid SMS strategy will improve performance for your highest valued customers, if you execute it correctly.

Learn how we helped Country Life convert loyal customers by the integration of SMS in their marketing via mobile strategy.

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